The value of choices

The agri-food products of our region represent a true heritage – historical, cultural and social. They tell of us, of our way of living and being. They are part of us. They are an ethical and conscious choice to be part of the same ecosystem. Balance. A philosophy that favours the seasons and proximity trade. A seductive choice, like savouring a strawberry that grows close to you. As the saying goes “we are what we eat”…

Sustainable food for everyone

The agri-food competence centre raises awareness, incentivises and encourages municipalities, school managements, canteens and suppliers of agri-food products to opt for an increasing use of regional products. It promotes a sustainable, balanced and healthy diet in canteens by avoiding unnecessary waste.

“On the table in our canteens: a healthy choice”

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Eco-score: respectful shopping

Eco-Score is an indicator developed by Beelong to assess the environmental impact of food, using a scale from A to E. The indicator answers a simple question: how to choose food products that have less impact on the environment? How can consumers be helped to make a choice based on criteria other than mere price?


Is the sustainability and durability programme for tourism in Switzerland. Internationally, Switzerland is the country with the highest consumption of organic products per capita. Sustainability is an important word, especially when travelling. Sustainable travel means more awareness, fullness and intensity.

Swisstainable captures the spirit of the times and stands for absolute relaxation in nature:


Experience untouched nature up close

Getting to know authentic local culture

Consume regional products

Extend your stay for an in-depth experience

Responsible consumption and production

Switzerland has adhered to the goals of the UN Agenda. “For social and economic development to take place within a framework of sustainability, our society will have to change the way it produces and consumes goods”. Important goals that directly affect us and inspire us to do even better.