The Ticino regio.garantie seal of origin distinguishes some of TICINO A TE products. These products certify that between 80% and 100% of the raw materials for production and processing come from Ticino. This is a guarantee of wholesomeness and the proven origin of the product. Certification also promotes producers who, with their products of excellence, pass on the flavours and traditions of our region.

“Guaranteed origin, traceability, transparency, seasonality and less waste”

Where to find them

The products Ticino regio.garantie are easy to find in restaurants participating in the Ticino a tavola initiative, in branches of Ticino large-scale distribution, in local stores, directly from producers, in online ticinoate.ch shops and in our stores, located all over the Ticino region.

Seal of origin

Ticino regio.garantie belongs to the Department of finance and the economy and is managed by the Unione Contadini Ticinesi.

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