We are the producers near you!

A whirlwind of tastes and emotions: in the large Ticino a te family we unite producers and consumers in a vast and rich network. United by a single philosophy, farmers and artisans, beekeepers, millers and winegrowers work side by side to bring local excellence to your plates. A short and fair trade food chain, of which the last special link is you!

The protagonists near you:
Tessa Tognetti – @colombera_bio
Bruno Buletti – @buletti_confiserie
Simone Cometti – Apicoltura Cometti
Giuseppe Crosta – @catibio.ch
Simone Galli – @erbe_ticino
Ester Monaco – @aziendaagricola.pianasc
Luca Locatelli – @chiericativini
Gioele Antoninetti – @bertsberries
Alessandro Fontana – @mulinomaroggia

The fruits of Ticino closest to you.

Ticino and its regional products, fresh and genuine! In a commercial that breaks out of the conventional mould, we want to take you on an exciting journey through the network of the region, celebrating local products and proximity trade.