Become a spokesperson of our food and wine culture

Joining the agri-food network means seizing a unique opportunity and at the same time doing something positive for the environment. Laying the foundations for your professional development. It is an even more stimulating challenge because it is ethical and promotes our food and wine culture.

The benefits of being a producer

Joining the agri-food network allows you to offer greater visibility to your products and your business. It means reaching an already sensitive audience through distribution channels at multiple levels.

“This way, you promote your products and your farm”

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  • Great visibility – Farm and product sheet
  • Synergies with tourism
  • Exchange and discussion network
  • Promotion activities > Development of new distribution channels
  • Events and trade fairs at special conditions
  • Business support

The benefits of the

  • Presence on website
  • Presence on website
  • Online sales on
  • Certified and approved quality

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